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Broadway Theatre League’s Pick + ticket program allows you to pick at least 3, but up to 5, different shows, pick your performance and pick your seating area. Pick three tickets are a great way to see multiple shows at Broadway Theatre League without committing to a complete Season Ticket package. Your shows on your schedule!

It doesn’t matter how many tickets you purchase or which seating area you chose for the shows, but you must have at least one ticket for three to five different shows. Military tickets require a valid military ID presented at will-call.

Please note: Pick 3 + patrons are seated after season ticket subscribers. There are many great perks to being a season ticket holder, as well! Learn about them here: Season Tickets.

Pick 3 + Tickets
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Pick 3 + Tickets- Create Your Custom Broadway Ticket Package!


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Secure Your Tickets to Our 60th Anniversary Gala Featuring Kristin Chenoweth In Concert

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Kristin Chenoweth + BTL 60th Season Gala
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Kristin Chenoweth in Concert: BTL 60th Season Gala – March 8, 2020

Complimentary champagne and delicious hors d’oeuvres are included.
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BTL 60th Anniversary Season press Conference