Mobile Ticketing

Broadway Theatre League tickets will be digital and can be accessed through a mobile device to improve security, reduce the risk of ticket fraud, and offer added convenience. Patrons also enjoy the flexibility of being able to immediately transfer tickets to friends or family members and do ticket exchanges with instant results. Step-by-step instructions, recommendations, and frequently asked questions are shared below.

The Broadway Theatre League Mobile Ticketing Platform provides a convenient, simple, and secure way for patrons to manage tickets and parking free of charge! Using the Broadway Theatre League Account Manager, fans can:

  • View tickets on a mobile device
  • Transfer tickets to friends and family
  • Update account information
  • Exchange or Upgrade tickets for different performances of the same show
  • Purchase additional tickets

The easiest way to manage tickets and your BTL account is through the website!

You will use your mobile device to access your tickets from Broadway Theatre League Account Manager. Patrons should add tickets to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet accounts before leaving home to avoid relying on WiFi connectivity on or near the VBC. Ensure that the mobile device has a good charge, and turn the screen brightness to its highest level prior to scanning at the doors.

For patrons who do not know their password or are logging into the Account Manager for the first time, click on “Forgot Password?”

Have questions? Feel free to call (M-F, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.CT) or [email protected]

What is Digital Ticketing?

Digital tickets allows patrons to use a mobile device as a show ticket. Fans will gain admission into the VBC via a unique QR code, which will be scanned directly from a mobile device. 

Yes. Patrons can view all of their tickets by swiping left or right from a mobile device. We highly encourage patrons to transfer a ticket to each member of their party to allow for the easiest entry and access throughout the venue.

Fans can contact the BTL Office at 256-518-6155, and they will work with them to determine the best way to get into the show.

It is recommended to view and add tickets to the mobile device’s digital wallet at least 48 hours before the event.

Yes! After you’re logged into your account manager, you can select a show and an option will show at the bottom to transfer to another person’s email or phone number.

Before arriving at the show, download your tickets to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. Once the tickets are downloaded, connectivity or Wi-Fi is not required to access tickets and/or parking.

No, a digital ticket must be provided either within the official website or Ticketmaster Account on a mobile device or within a mobile device’s digital wallet to gain entry. Photocopies, screen shots, scans and/or pictures of hard tickets will not be permitted for entry.

For any questions, please contact the BTL Office at [email protected] or 256-518-6155.