Pick 3+ Ticket Packages

Purchase A Pick 3+ Ticket Package

Create your own personalized ticket package! This offers ultimate flexibility based on your needs and schedule.

Package price is based on show, number of shows, and number of tickets.

  • PICK at least 3 different shows
  • PICK the performance times
  • PICK the number of tickets
  • PICK your preferred seating section
For example:
  • 2 tickets to Tina on Saturday 1pm
  • 4 tickets to Peter Pan on Tuesday 7pm
  • 2 tickets to Les Miz on Friday 7:30pm


2024- 2025 Pick 3+ Pricing

  • Exchanges: if for some reason you cannot attend a show at your scheduled day/time, we offer exchanges. You can exchange for a different day/time, however you are not guaranteed the same seats. We try to best to find similar seats. Exchange fee is $7 (free for $250+ contributors).
  • Benefits: Pick 3+ ticket holders that make a donation to Broadway Theatre League receive certain benefits, such as a parking pass, drink cards and our Stage Door Club.  
  • Please note if you select Orchestra 3 you will have to climb stars to get to your seat. There are approximately 20 steps to get to the center aisle in Orchestra 3 and at least 12 steps to enter from Portal 11 or 12. If you do not want to climb stairs, we recommend seating in the Lower Balcony (there is an elevator and a few steps down) or seats accessible via portal 3 or 4.


Pick 3+ seating will begin in June 2024. Please remember:

  • We will seat contributors first in order of level, then we will seat in order of date the order was received.
  • If your selected section is no longer available, we will seat you in the next available section.
  • You will pay $100 deposit at the time of your order and the remainder of your order will be due at the time seating is complete.
  • We will notify you the day before we plan to charge your card in June with assigned seating.